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Being A Jerk Can Make You Lose

by Allanon555

After the draft was complete my first round was against the guy to my left. I beat him. In 6 minutes. 2-0. I had gone RUG and he had gone RUG. He blamed his loss because I picked Watchwolf over Bramble Elemental and he got the Bramble Elemental. Now to me, if your’ going to pay so much attention to what the guy next to you is passing you, you should know what colors he's in. Yeah, I confused him in the first pack and made a couple of bad decisions but it was his attitude and know-it-all style of game play that got him the loss. He even dropped a swear at me and got up and went into the bathroom and slammed the door. To me if I'm passing you things like Bramble Elemental and they are in your colors, why would you sigh and shake your head. Why not just take the Bramble Elemental and be happy that I messed up. He wouldn’t let it go. In that particular tournament I went 3-0 and went on to the top 8 where I did in fact lose but it was very close.

Last night that same guy did the same thing to me during a Timespiral draft. Every time I passed him cards. And I mean every time, even up to the last pick he would sigh and show the kid next to him the cards I didn’t take (which is against the rules in itself) and say obscene things like "there are just horrible drafters here tonight". Yeah I passed things like lightning angel, but in the end what I got after being confused through the entire first pack and some of the second was a stable RW deck with 2 Firemaw Kavus and 2 Nimbus Knights. Not to mention a fair amount of good slivers that went well with the 8th pick Essence Sliver I got. I played that guy first round and he said the same thing. "You confused me with your picks!". He didn't sound upset or anything but by the time I beat him. Once again in 10 minutes he had dropped a couple swears at me and then got up and left. I went 2-1 in that tournament and made top 8 and dropped because I didn't want to play anymore if these guys are going to be what the top 8 are all about.

My point is that being a jerk can ruin any day. I don't plan on going back to that shop for a while now just because of that guy. It's a game and I know that a lot of the times it can get frustrating. When you make it so far and then lose or practice so much just to fall prey to something you were unprepared for or just a run of bad hands. There is absolutely no reason you should lose your cool. Why ruin your reputation as a person in order to achieve cursing someone out? There is no strategy in being a jerk.  The next time you lose or are losing then just get up and take a breath. Walk around for a minute or two. They have time limits in the round and they have time between rounds. Use it to cool off. If you are getting really upset then I'm sure the guy playing you won't mind if you take a minute to get your head cleared and not curse at him when you lose.

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