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Magic The Gathering -The Format Changeling
Today I want to quickly go over some of the different formats that have occurred over time.
Cody L Locy(1)
In Response, Vol. 1: The Fine Line between Synergy and Combo
This article hopes to address the difference, in the author's opinion, between synergy and combo, based on the author's experience of game play. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.
The Equal Teams Multiplayer Format
The equal teams multiplayer format is what I have been playing in various playgroups weekly for the last 15 years. It is a simple, balanced, and time-tested.
Best Magic the Gathering Artwork
We have compiled a list of the most highly rated artwork from all 21,000+ cards in our database. You'll never guess the #1 card.
Modern: All In Red ( Stompy )
An update of an old concept, known as All-In-Red.
The Art of Legacy Burn
Explosive games, fast damage, and not a care in the world, this is Red Burn. A deck archetype that has never and will never seemed to burn out from the competition, Wizards willing.
Cody L Locy(1)
Playing 4-Color Frites in Gatecrash Standard
Now is the best time to play Standard reanimator decks.
Robert Brown(1)
Beginner Magic Lesson: Adding Basic Lands to a Multi-Colored Deck
Many people who begin to play Magic the Gathering have a difficult time learning how to construct a balanced mana base. This article details some easy steps to helping new players learn ways to tackle one of the hardest parts of deck building. This can also help players who have trouble with mana bases in draft tournaments.
The Art of Attrition: Card Advantage and Card Devaluation
Playing Magic is all about having access to cards that you need in order to stop your opponent from doing things to your face. Your opponent wastes a bunch of cards in their hand to get a few creatures in play – so you spend four mana and one card to reset the battlefield. This is called generating positive card advantage.
Æther Tech(8)
The Art of EDH: A sadist's tinkering.
Building - or constructing - a good EDH deck takes two things: Time and a willingness to be an evil little sadist.
PortlandEDH - Sharing is Caring FTW
MTG is fundamentally about resource management. But what happens when cards exist which turn resource management on its head?
Budget EDH 5 - Low Drop Creatures
Finding expensive spells for EDH is easy. It's not hard to pack 7-drop creatures that pack a big punch. Heck, just about any Mythic Rare that costs more than five mana will do. But good EDH decks don't just pack a whole bunch of high-cost creatures - otherwise they'll get blown over by someone running a cheap aggressive general like Doran.
Kevin Weber(3)
A Few Questions Concerning Players and Their Decks
This article will be a bit different. It’s not really about cards, new decks or archetypes. It’s not about formats or meta games. It’s about you, the players.
Budget EDH 4 - Goals And Flexibility with Rafiq
One the marks of a good EDH card is one that both helps you achieve a goal and is flexible enough to be used in multiple game states.
Kevin Weber(1)
Vintage – Analyzing Silver Bullets through Ballistics: Part 2 – Rise of the Machines
The Vintage scene has changed dramatically since my last Vintage article, written almost three years ago. Wizards has finally given us insight on how they see the format
Jostin Rodriguez(4)
Budget EDH 3 - Hate with Thraximundar
What happens when an EDH metagame goes bad?
Kevin Weber(6)
The Art of Casual: MonoWhite Suicide
]MWS (MonoWhiteSuicide) – Ok, not really, but the theme is almost there. Maybe another article in the future for that one.
The power of Necromancy:
More than one way to interact directly with the cemetery, revive monsters can be an interesting way to put creatures directly into play,
Of all the innovations that we have been witness to, perhaps none more has been more prominent than the rise – or, for older players, the return – of the rivalry of Discard vs. Counterspell.
A New Idea, A New Potential
Welcome readers, today I will be talking about something Wizards of the Coast mentioned rather recently (As of 5/31/11) a new format concept was introduced to Magic Online known as Modern.
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