Submitting Articles

We welcome your articles!

Guidelines for submitting articles:

1.  The topic of the article should be Magic related.  Sometimes we will post non-Magic related articles. 
2.  It has to be your own original work.  Plagiarism is not cool and will be punished.
3.  Send in any common Windows file format or a simple text MAC format.  Microsoft Word works fine.
4.  Include a brief summary or description of your article which encourages people to read it.
5.  You can use e-Tags or links to pictures in your article.  In fact we encourage it.  Please test your e-Tags in the Test Forum.
6.  Do not include pictures which are wider than 400 pixels.
7.  Please proof read your article at least once.  Many programs like Microsoft Word allow you to easily check your article for spelling and grammar mistakes.  It does not have to be perfect, but an over-abundance of errors will count against you when we decide what is posted and who wins the rewards mentioned below.
8.  You must have an Essential Magic username.

What you get:

1.  You will have the fame of publishing and the satisfaction of helping eM.
2.  Being a published author is very good for some resumes.
3.  The best article published every month wins a gift certificate to buy cards from one of our sponsors!
1st place: $20 gift certificate

4.  You will have our thanks.  

So send those articles in!  You could go down in eM history!   Please submit articles to .  When you do, please tell us your eM username, and the name you want the article's author listed as.  There is no particular timeframe when articles will be posted by.  We will email you when we post your article.  Not every article will be posted.
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